Further committees

In addition to the standing committees, there are committees for ongoing tasks in the Landtag such as the Children Commission, the Committee for the Selection of Judges and the Data Protection Committee. Additional committees can be appointed for further tasks.

An important advisory and coordinating body in parliamentary matters is the Council of Elders.

Investigation committees can also be formed. They serve the control of the administration and are the sharpest control instrument of the Parliament. Investigation committees are among the minority rights, since onefifth of the Landtag’s members can compel their appointment.

The State Parliament can also appoint enquiry committees to prepare decisions on comprehensive and important matters falling within the jurisdiction of the State of Bavaria. These committees consist of Landtag members and external experts. The plenum assigns the tasks to such committees.

The Interim Committee is a largely unknown committee of the Bavarian State Parliament. It is appointed by the Landtag for safeguarding its rights vis-à-vis the state government and for handling urgent state affairs in the period beyond the session and after the end of the legislative period as well as after dissolution or dismissal of the Landtag until assembly of the new Landtag. The members (generally one quarter of the statutory number of Landtag members) are appointed following nomination by the parliamentary groups in the last plenary session of the legislative period. Its composition depends on the relative size of the parliamentary groups.


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