The Plenum (Plenary sessions)

The plenum is the heart of the Bavarian State Parliament. Plenary sessions are the platform for the main parliamentary work and it is the forum of the major debates.

A newly elected State Parliament is constituted in its first meeting, in which it elects the President and the Presidium.

The plenary session takes place in the plenary chamber. This is the forum of the major debates. Here, bills as well as motions introduced by the members of Parliament are conclusively discussed and decided on. So when decisions of the State Parliament are spoken of in the media, the decisions of the plenary session are always meant.

In addition, the State Parliament discusses important, current topics in Topical Debates, in Major Interpellations to the state government, in urgency motions directly introduced to the plenary sitting and within the framework of government declarations.

As a rule, the plenary session meets on a public basis. The shorthand writers’ service of the Office of the Bavarian State Parliament writes verbatim meeting reports that are published as official State Parliament minutes and can also be viewed on the internet (German version)


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