State flag

The Free State of Bavaria has two flags, both of which have been coequally used since 1953. Neither the rhombus flag nor the striped flag in the state colours of white and blue determined by the Bavarian constitution of 2 December 1946 (article 1 section 2) bear any coat of arms.


The state colours of white and blue as well as the rhombuses were originally shown in the shield of the Counts of Bogen, an Eastern Bavarian dynasty based in Bogenberg near Straubing.

After the male line of the dynasty had died out by the death of Adalbert V. (who died in 1242), the coat of arms was passed on to the stepbrother of Adalbert, Otto II Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria. His mother Ludmilla, daughter of the Duke of Bohemia, was married to Ludwig I, Duke of Bavaria after her first husband Adalbert IV of Bogen had died. The House of Wittelsbach has used the white and blue rhombuses in their own shield since 1242.

The rhombus flag consists of at least 21 rhombuses, also called "Wecken". The truncated rhombuses are counted as well. In front view, the first rhombus on the top left of the flag is white.

The striped flag consists of one white and one blue horizontal stripe, the white stripe being on top.


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