Bayerischer Landtag

The Bavarian State Parliament Committees

Permanent committees are set up for the duration of the electoral term that are responsible for specific domains.

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In this electoral term (2013 - 2018) the total of thirteen committees have the task of preparing the negotiations and decisions of the plenary session. Moreover, they discuss citizen
petitions and complaints and in general they decide conclusively on these matters (Art. 5 par. 1 Bavarian Petition Act, BayPetG). As a rule, the meetings of the committees take place on a public basis. The State Parliament specifies the number of members of a committee. The make-up of the committees is determined by the strength of the parliamentary groups. They are responsible for the appointment and dismissal of their members. On request (motion) of a fifth of its members, the State Parliament is obliged to form committees of inquiry.

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