Committee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry

The Committee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry is one of the Bavarian State Parliament's 14 standing committees. It has a total of 18 members of Parliament.

Its remit largely corresponds to that of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, whose work is followed, supported and monitored by the committee. However, specialist areas from other state ministries also affect the committee's area of responsibility. These include the interaction between nature conservation and agriculture as well as water management issues related to agriculture.

The committee envisages an efficient agricultural and sustainable forestry system that ensures the supply of high-quality food and renewable resources in its own state. Farmers should be able to earn reasonable incomes and services of general interest should be adequately rewarded. The aim is also to strengthen rural areas as a whole and, not least, to prepare them for demographic change. The food industry, a highly innovative and productive sector, is inextricably linked to land management. SME structures are to be supported here. Producers, intermediaries and processing companies should be able to work hand in hand more efficiently and increase their competitiveness. More and more attention is also being paid to raising people's awareness of healthy and regionally produced food, e.g. by providing appropriate information in schools.

In relation to this wide remit, the committee discusses proposals and bills dealing with the areas of nutrition, agriculture and forestry. It may also hold expert hearings to gain a balanced view of opinions and prepare for decisions. In addition, the committee advises and decides on citizens’ petitions and complaints that fall within its area of responsibility.


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