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Committee on Labour, Social Affairs, Youth and Family Affairs

The Committee on Labour, Social, Youth and Family Affairs is one of the Bavarian State Parliament's 14 standing committees. It has a total of 18 members of Parliament.

Chairwoman Doris Rauscher, SPD, und Vice-Chairman Thomas Huber, CSU | Bayerischer Landtag

Committee on Labour, Social Affairs, Youth and Family AffairThe committee was set up by the Bavarian State Parliament as early as 1946 at the beginning of the first electoral term. Its remit essentially corresponds to that of the State Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Affairs, whose work is monitored by the Social Policy Committee. In its area of responsibility, the committee supports the plenary in reviewing existing motions and bills and drawing up appropriate decisions across the broad spectrum of labour, social and family policy. The committee thus makes a major contribution to further development in these areas. In addition to its legislative activities, the committee also addresses individual socio-political issues of particular importance to the State of Bavaria on the basis of existing motions.

The main focus of its work is on family policy, childcare and youth welfare, basic social policy issues and issues relating to the labour market and the promotion of employment.

Nonetheless, current topics also include advice on improving the situation of people with disabilities and older citizens in Bavaria, the poverty problem and in particular early childhood education and upbringing and the care of children under the age of three.

The committee also conducts a range of hearings and discussions with specialists, experts and representatives from charities, churches and trade unions in preparation for decisions. In addition, it deals with a wide range of petitions and complaints that fall within its area of responsibility.

Members of the Committee on Labour and Social Affairs, Youth, Familiy Affairs and Integration

(18 Members)

Last name First name Title Function Political party
Rauscher Doris Vorsitzende Fraktionslogo: SPD
Huber Thomas MBA Stellvertr. Vorsitzender Fraktionslogo: CSU
Becher Johannes Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Busch Michael C. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Celina Kerstin Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Enders Susann Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Enghuber Matthias Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Häusler Johann Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Högl Petra Therese Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Jäckel Andreas Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Kohler Jochen Dipl.-Ing. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Lettenbauer Eva Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Oetzinger Stephan Dr. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Sandt Julika Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FDP
Schalk Andreas Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Schiffers Jan Mitglied Fraktionslogo: AfD
Singer Ulrich Mitglied Fraktionslogo: AfD
Stierstorfer Sylvia Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
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