Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and Integration

The Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and Integration is one of the Bavarian State Parliament's 14 standing committees. It has a total of 14 members of Parliament.

The Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and Integration's legal and domestic policy remit is the mirror image of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice's remit and the activities of the Department of Constitution and State Administration of the State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration. The committee also deals with the problems of data protection and integration policy issues as well as the law governing foreigners and asylum. It is also responsible for the legal aspects of gambling as well as public holiday law and the right of assembly.

The committee is responsible for advising on legislative and motion initiatives in these areas. One of its particular remits is to control the executive activity of the state ministries mentioned. The special tasks of the Committee on Legal Affairs also include examining the constitutionality and legality of all bills and state treaties, reviewing the legality of petitions by other parliamentary committees, and advising the Bavarian State Parliament on its participation in constitutional disputes and representing it before the constitutional courts. In addition, the committee is responsible for all general matters relating to parliamentary operation, parliamentarian rights and the rules of procedure, as well as for immunity matters and the verification of credentials. The committee also conducts expert hearings to prepare for decisions. The committee is regularly informed about current data protection problems by the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner and the State Office for Data Protection Supervision.

The committee also frequently deals with numerous petitions from citizens. In addition to constitutional, civil, criminal and administrative law issues, the focus is on matters of state remuneration, data protection and applications for naturalisation. In the field of legal consumer protection, complaints about unfair commercial practices and matters relating to consumer information and education are often on the agenda. Protection against the excesses of cybercrime is also one of the aspects of legal consumer protection. The committee also deals with complaints against judges and prosecutors. However, the principles of separation of powers and judicial independence must always be observed. As the Bavarian State Parliament therefore has no power to review, overturn or amend court decisions, the committee can only deal with complaints about the work of the judiciary within a narrow framework.

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