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Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

18 members of Parliament belong to the Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs: ten CSU members, four SPD members and two members each from the FREIE WÄHLER (FW) and Alliance 90/The Greens (GRU).

Chairman Franz Schindler (SPD), Vice Chairwoman Petra Guttenberger (CSU)
Chairman Franz Schindler (SPD), Vice Chairwoman Petra Guttenberger (CSU)| © Bildarchiv Bayerischer Landtag

The Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs‘ legal and domestic area of responsibility is a mirror image of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice‘s work and the duties of the Department for Constitution and Public Administration of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Building and Transport. The committee also deals with the problem of data protection and questions of principle regarding the law on immigration and asylum. The legal issues of gambling and the law  governing public holidays and the right of assembly are also among its responsibilities. The committee is responsible for advising on legislative and motion initiatives for these areas. One of the committee‘s important tasks is to scrutinise the executive duties of the aforementioned Bavarian State Ministries. The Committee on Legal Affairs‘ specific duties include checking the constitutionality and legality of all bills, decrees and state treaties, examining the legality of petition decisions by other Bavarian State Parliament committees and advising on the Bavarian State Parliament‘s involvement in constitutional dispute proceedings and its representation before Constitutional Courts. In addition, the committee is responsible for all general questions regarding the parliamentary process, the Act on the Legal Status of members of the German Bundestag and the rules of procedure, as well as for immunity issues and verification of credentials. The committee also hears experts to prepare for decisions. The committee is kept regularly up-todate about current legal data protection problems by the state representative for data protection and by the State Office for Data Protection Supervision. The committee also regularly deals with numerous petitions from citizens. Besides constitutional, civil, criminal and administrative law issues, it also focuses on matters of state remuneration, data protection and applications for naturalisation. As far as legal consumer protection is concerned, complaints about unfair business practices and consumer information and awareness affairs are often on the committee‘s agenda. One of the aspects of legal consumer protection is also protecting against the negative spin-offs of cyber crime. Besides this, the committee also deals with complaints against judges and public prosecutors. The principles of the separation of powers and judicial independence must be observed in the process though. As for these reasons the Bavarian State Parliament does not have the authority to scrutinise that judgements are correct and annul or amend them, the committee can only deal with complaints against the judicial process within very narrow limits.

The Committee on Constitutuion, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Meetings

The meetings always take place on Thursdays during sitting weeks. They are convened and chaired by the chairman. Besides the committee members and head of the committee office, state government representatives responsible for the specific agenda items also attend. With important political issues, responsible members of the government are also present. The Bavarian State Parliament‘s shorthand writers’ service documents the meetings.

Members of the Committee on Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

(18 Members)

Last name First name Title Function Political party
Schindler Franz Vorsitzender Fraktionslogo: SPD
Guttenberger Petra Stellvertr. Vorsitzende Fraktionslogo: CSU
Arnold Horst Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Brunner Helmut Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Gote Ulrike Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Heike Jürgen W. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Hiersemann Alexandra Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Kränzle Bernd Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Lorenz Andreas Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Meyer Peter Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Reiß Tobias Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Rieger Franz Dr. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Ritter Florian Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Runge Martin Dr. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Schalk Andreas Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Straub Karl Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Streibl Florian Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Westphal Manuel Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
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