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Committee on Education and Church Affairs

18 members of Parliament belong to the Committee on Education and Church Affairs: ten CSU members, four SPD members and two members each from the FREIE WÄHLER (FW) and Alliance 90/The Greens (GRU).

The committee monitors and scrutinises education and church affairs at the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, Science and the Arts. The committee‘s work focuses on educational policy and anything related to this: general secondary schools, vocational schools, special schools, curricula, internal school development, matters concerning students, teachers and parents.
The committee is responsible for advising on legislative and motion initiatives for these areas. Reforms that significantly alter school life are for the most part reflected in the Bavarian Education Act (BayEUG) where the entire Bavarian education system is centrally regulated.
The necessary constant readjustment of this act is one of the committee‘s important duties. For example, it was decided to develop the „Hauptschule“ secondary school further into a „Mittelschule“ and introduce school clusters as well as implement measures for self-governing schools by changing the BayEUG. The committee has worked intensively on implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with the result that it is now possible and desirable for children with and without special needs to be taught together at all schools (inclusive schools). The committee will support the further development of this.
Committee members also deal with the issue of adult education time and again. The challenges for the next few years are also to continue to expand all-day provision and schools, equal educational opportunities in urban and rural areas, the systematic monitoring of the eight-year higher-level secondary school (Gymnasium) and better integration of children with a migrant background. The committee also hears experts to prepare for decisions.
Finally, the committee also deals with a number of petitions and complaints from citizens that come under its specialist area of responsibility. However, associations and other interest groups often take their requests and suggestions for improvements to the committee in the form of petitions too.

The Committee on Education and Church Affairs Meetings

The meetings always take place on Thursdays during sitting weeks. They are convened and chaired by the chairman. Besides the committee members and head of the committee office, state government representatives responsible for the specific agenda items also attend. With important political issues, responsible members of the government are also present. The Bavarian State Parliament‘s shorthand writers’ service documents the meetings.

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