Bayerischer Landtag

Committee on Public Service Affairs

18 members of Parliament in total belong to the Committee on Public Service Affairs: ten CSU members, four SPD members and two members each from the FREIE WÄHLER (FW) and Alliance 90/The Greens (GRU).

The committee has existed in its current form since the start of the first electoral term in 1946 and is unique in Germany. In no other federal state do public service civil servants and employees have a parliamentary body that is exclusively responsible for their interests. The committee deals with issues to do with civil servant, remuneration, pension and collective agreement law as well as German Personnel Representation Law regulations. In addition, its responsibility includes issues related to disability and equality if public service personnel is specifically affected. The committee also leads on all matters that are related to training junior employees for public services and the continuous training of employees.
Bavaria introduced an independent civil service remuneration, career and pension law with the New Public Services Act in the 16th electoral term. In doing so, the previous four career groups were replaced by one single career scale and the standard promotion process was replaced by a system of modular qualification. As a follow-up to the public services law reform, the actual implementation of the New Public Services Act in the individual administrative areas is now of particular interest to the committee. The committee is continuously monitoring further development and organisation in the individual portfolios through state government progress reports, fact-finding trips and consultancy on petitions.
Besides advising on bills, the committee also tackles motions of a personnel policy nature and discusses these. As a result it
regularly advocates that reconciling family and working life should be further improved and employment opportunities for severely disabled people should be improved in public services. The committee also focuses on recruiting and retaining skilled workers for public services. In addition, the committee deals with petitions and complaints from public services employees. Their concerns are often related to employment and transfer requests, promotion opportunities and benefit and pension issues.

The Committee on Public Service Affairs Meetings

The meetings always take place on Tuesdays during sitting weeks. They are convened and chaired by the chairwoman. Besides the committee members and head of the committee office, state government representatives responsible for the specific agenda items also attend. With important political issues, responsible members of the government are also present. The Bavarian State Parliament‘s shorthand writers’ service documents the meetings.

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