Committee on Housing, Building and Transport

The Committee on Housing and Transport is one of the Bavarian State Parliament´s 14 standing committees. It has a total of 18 members of Parliament.

The Committee on Housing, Building and Transport has been addressing these policy areas, for the first time as a separate committee, since the 18th electoral term. This policy area had previously been assigned to the Committee on Economic Affairs. With the new formation of this committee, the Bavarian State Parliament is emphasising the increasing importance attached to the creation of housing, transport and urban development.

The committee's remit is essentially the same as that of the State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport, whose work it monitors and supports. The committee supports the Bavarian State Parliament's plenary with the preliminary consultation of motions and bills as well as with the preparation of appropriate resolutions.

In special cases, the committee may also hold expert hearings to prepare for decisions. Furthermore, it advises and decides on citizens’ petitions and complaints that fall within its area of responsibility.

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