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Committee on Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sport

Chairman Dr. Martin Runge, ALLIANCE 90/ THE GREENS, and Vice-Chairman Manfred Ländner, CSU | Bayerischer Landtag

The Committee on Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sport is one of the Bavarian State Parliament's 14 standing committees. It has a total of 18 members of Parliament.

With the exception of migration and integration, the remit of the Committee on Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sport largely corresponds to that of the State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration, and thus covers all issues concerning municipalities (e.g. municipal taxes, contributions and fees, municipalities' economic activities, safeguarding municipal services).

In the field of municipal law, the committee works intensively to strengthen self-government by the municipalities. In the past, for example, it has supported anchoring the strict principle of interrelated actions [connexity] in the Bavarian Constitution. When asked for an opinion on the Fiscal Equalisation Law, the committee ensures that municipalities have the financial resources needed to fulfil their tasks.
Its area of responsibility under security law includes police matters and internal security (e.g. disaster control, the fire brigade and rescue services). In the field of internal security, deliberations focus on measures to combat crime and avert the dangers posed by international terrorism. The committee is currently intensively monitoring the development of a digital radio network for all authorities and organisations with security responsibilities in Bavaria.

The committee has also been responsible for sport since the 17th electoral term (2013) and conducts expert hearings to prepare for decisions.

Last but not least, the committee also regularly deals with citizens’ petitions and complaints that fall within its area of responsibility.

Members of the Committee on Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sports

(18 Members)

Last name First name Title Function Political party
Runge Martin Dr. Vorsitzender Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Ländner Manfred Stellvertr. Vorsitzender Fraktionslogo: CSU
Adelt Klaus Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Becher Johannes Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Dremel Holger Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Dünkel Norbert Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Enghuber Matthias Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Gibis Max Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Graupner Richard Mitglied Fraktionslogo: AfD
Grob Alfred Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Hanisch Joachim Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Hauber Wolfgang Dipl.-Verw.Wirt (FH) Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Lederer Otto Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Löw Stefan Mitglied Fraktionslogo: AfD
Muthmann Alexander Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FDP
Schulze Katharina Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Schuster Stefan Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Tomaschko Peter Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
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