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Committee on Environment and Consumer Protection

18 members of Parliament belong to the Committee on Environment and Consumer Protection: ten CSU members, four SPD members and two members each from the FREIE WÄHLER (FW) and Alliance 90/The Greens (GRU).

The Bavarian State Parliament set up an independent environmental committee for the first time on 10.12.1974 that deals with the protection of natural resources, which has also been adopted into the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria since 5 April 1984. This was not only a milestone in constitutional and environmental policy in Bavaria but in fact in the Federal Republic of Germany as a whole.
Up until this point in time, the protection of natural resources had not been emphasised in German Constitutional Law or in the federal state constitutions in the way it was by being adopted into the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria.
The committee‘s area of responsibility today is largely the same as that of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, whose work the committee monitors, assists and scrutinises. A healthy environment is a value in its own right and the basis for a high quality of life. Preserving essential natural resources is the benchmark of the policy work that focuses on the principle of sustainability. The principle of sustainability is an attempt to reconcile ecology, economy and social justice. The need for this global perspective is clearly reflected, for example, in the complexity of climate protection.
Environmental protection and consumer protection expertise is pooled on the committee. The panel advises on motions and bills which focus particularly on improving the quality of the environmental media water, soil and air and keeping them clean, protection of animals and species, generally on consumer protection and specifically on food safety.
The committee can also hear experts to get a rounded opinion and prepare decisions.
In addition, the committee advises and decides on petitions and complaints from citizens that come under its specialist area of responsibility.

The Committee on Environment and Consumer Protection Meetings

The meetings always take place on Thursdays during sitting weeks. They are convened and chaired by the chairman. Besides the committee members and head of the committee office, state government representatives responsible for the specific agenda items also attend. With important political issues, responsible members of the government are also present. The Bavarian State Parliament‘s shorthand writers’ service documents the meetings.

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