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Committee on State Budget and Financial Affairs

Chairman Josef Zellmeier, CSU, Vice-Chairwoman Claudia Köhler, ALLIANCE 90/ THE GREENS | Bayerischer Landtag

The Committee on State Budget and Financial Affairs is one of the Bavarian State Parliament's 14 standing committees. It has a total of 22 members of Parliament.

The Committee on State Budget and Financial Affairs has existed since the beginning of the first electoral term in 1946. Its primary task is to advise on the state budget, which is drawn up for a period of two years, adjusting the figures for the second financial year by way of a supplementary budget. The budget forms the basis for all government activity in a given financial year. Its adoption is therefore one of Parliament's most important tasks.

Once the budget has been adopted by Parliament, it is up to the State Government to implement it.
The Budget Committee is also called upon here. Within the framework of parliamentary budget control, it is involved in executing the budget using various information rights and powers of approval (e.g. structural engineering documentation, monitoring staff reduction as laid down in the Budget Act, etc.).
At the end of the financial year, the State Government presents the budgetary accounting and applies to the Bavarian State Parliament for approval of its budgetary management. It is also the Budget Committee's responsibility to carry out this approval procedure after the accounts have been audited by the Bavarian High Court of Auditors within the framework of its deliberations on the respective annual report.

In addition, the committee supports the plenary in reviewing the financial impact of the motions and bills submitted and draws up appropriate resolutions across the broad spectrum of fiscal policy.
The committee also conducts expert hearings to prepare for decisions.

Insofar as the plenary session does not itself reach decisions, the Committee on State Budget and Financial Affairs exercises the Bavarian State Parliament's rights in matters of property and participation. It also deals with any petitions and complaints that fall within its area of responsibility.

(22 Members)

Last name First name Title Function Political party
Zellmeier Josef Vorsitzender Fraktionslogo: CSU
Köhler Claudia Stellvertr. Vorsitzende Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Bachhuber Martin Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Ebner-Steiner Katrin Mitglied Fraktionslogo: AfD
Fuchs Barbara Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Gotthardt Tobias Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Güller Harald Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Hartmann Ludwig Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Herold Hans Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Hintersberger Johannes M.A. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Hofmann Michael Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Hopp Gerhard Dr. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Kaltenhauser Helmut Dr. Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FDP
Kühn Harald Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Mang Ferdinand Mitglied Fraktionslogo: AfD
Pargent Tim Mitglied Fraktionslogo: B'90/Grüne
Pittner Gerald Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Pohl Bernhard Mitglied Fraktionslogo: FREIE WÄHLER
Ritter Florian Mitglied Fraktionslogo: SPD
Vogel Steffen Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Weidenbusch Ernst Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
Winter Georg Mitglied Fraktionslogo: CSU
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